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About Hariram Nai

Best Unisex Salon in India

Hariram Nai is a Best Unisex Salon in India, catering to the hair & beauty sector in different states in India. The salon aims to change the hair-styling industry with its exceptional approach towards every client and become one of the best hair & beauty brands. With it’s unique, promising, and friendly services, the salon is gaining huge recognition all over the country.


We guarantee a lavish experience for our customers. Our main aim is to bring back the old-fashioned barbershop experience that people of all ages can enjoy.

The salon not just provides great hairstyling services, but also has a lively atmosphere with occasional salon-oriented games, polite conversations, and enticing music that elevates your mood instantly. It is a cool hangout place for both gents and ladies to share favorite office stories and a laugh.


Taking care of one’s looks and style is a matter of utmost importance nowadays. The stylish you look, the better you feel about yourself. Hari Ram Nai has highly qualified, professional, and friendly hairstylists who not only make sure to provide premium haircut services but will also make you feel special every time you visit. The salon embraces technology and even allows you to book your appointments online.


At Hari Ram Nai, hygiene and cleanliness are given utmost importance and the salon is always kept in spotless condition. The salon is air-conditioned and uses disposable sheets to never compromise on a customers’ hygiene.


Hari Ram Nai recognizes that happy employees and satisfied clients are the key ingredients to a successful business, and tries keeping everyone happy; employees with satisfactory remuneration and talent recognition, and customers by providing them the best haircut and styling services.

Enjoy an awkward free and relaxing experience in the presence
of our professional and friendly Staff

Why Choose Hariram Nai?

  • Gentleman Grooming
  • Matchless Ladies Salon Services
  • Excellent Hair Cut & Styling Services
  • Cheerful Environment
  • Highly Convenient
  • Experienced, Professional, and Friendly Stylists Great Hygiene
  • Relaxing & Enjoyable Experience
  • Affordable Prices
  • Latest Technologies & Trends
  • Trend-Setting Looks & Styling Services