Evergreen DIY Hair style & Hair tips

Evergreen DIY Hair style & Hair tips

Irrespective of the nature of your mane (straight, wavy, or curly), there are awesome hairstyles that you can try and look your best. This can be done without visiting a hairstylist and getting a hole in a pocket. Moreover, there are hairstyles that have become common for both men and women. This narrative covers some style tips and hairdos irrespective of gender. Have a look!


1) Chalk It Up

Yeah! When it comes to giving yourself a whole jazzy appearance, changing the hair color is the first thing that strikes the mind! Right? Hair color chalks should be the first choice here. They are temporary and the color can be removed just by ashing. One can apply it for making hair streaks or can even fully color the hairs.

2) Bobbed!

This is one of the prevalent hairdos for girls of this generation. Females have busy lives and so, maintaining long hair is difficult for them sometimes. So, they keep bob cut and remain free from the hassle of extra care that long-lengthed hair requires. Even males these days have different swagger and the style is embraced in men’s world as well. Getting this hairdo is simple. Divide the hairs into two halves, stand in front of the mirror and, hold the divided hairs, and cut them equally, and boom! You have arrived!

3) The Bun!

The man bun has gained a fair amount of popularity and the female bun is evergreen undoubtedly! This is the simplest and most interesting way to style your locks. A rubber band and a hairpin is all it takes. Just shape your hair in a round manner and tighten it up with pins. If you want to add more volume, then make a loose round and you are done. For men, it is advisable to use the serum for making buns. This keeps the hair in place as men’s hairs are harder in nature.

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